Financial Times: Don’t Curb ‘Death Master File’ Access for 401(k)s

ICI: Don’t Curb ‘Death Master File’ Access for 401(k)s Excerpt: “The Department of Commerce seems to intend for access to continue as groups go through the certification process, says Judy Miller, director of retirement policy at the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries, another signatory to the letter. “But [the department’s intention] wasn’t clear,”… Continue reading

Plan Consultant Magazine Releases Winter Issue; Protecting Your Retirement Egg

Arlington, VA (January 17, 2014)-As the economy slowly recovers from recession, many retirement industry professionals are strategizing to improve financial security for their plan participants while attempting to maintain strong returns on investments. It’s a fine line to walk when balancing security and returns, and plan sponsors have to be well-informed to maximize both, improve… Continue reading

The Wall Street Journal: Duly Noted

Market Watch - Duly Noted Excerpt: “U.S. workers could see their retirement savings tumble 20% if Congress and the president fail to craft a deal to raise the federal government’s $16.7 trillion debt ceiling, a new report shows. According to the Association of Pension Professionals & Actuaries’ (ASPPA) “Retirement Savings Will Suffer if Congress Does… Continue reading

Plan Consultant Releases Spring 2013 Issue

In the cover story of Plan Consultant magazine, Cleo Chang, managing director and head of Wilshire Funds Management’s Investment Research Group, discusses recent developments in Baby Boomers’ retirement-preparedness strategies and how their actions will impact the economy.