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NAPA Net the Magazine Names the Top 75 DC Industry Wholesalers

The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) names the defined contribution industry’s top 75 wholesalers in the latest issue of NAPA Net the Magazine. These wholesalers may be under-recognized as vital components to the industrbut they remain an ever-growing essentiality to helping plan advisors grow their DC business.

“Wholesalers have to be the consummate “Wingmen” – advisors need to know they have their back,” says Fred Barstein, editor-in-chief of the magazine. “Beyond funds and facts, the DCIO wholesaler has to add value and help an advisor to build, grow and manage their business,” continued Barstein.

Barstein’s feature article in NAPA Net the Magazine explains how truly exceptional wholesalers excel at their businesses by consistent discipline in practicing effective time management, placing significant value in relationship building and constantly refining their knowledge and thought leadership. He lists a set of “bad practices” which have kept these top 75 wholesalers out of the “penalty box” and looks to the future of wholesaling.

With acknowledgement of the fluidity within the wholesaler market, Barstein says, “Cultivating and rewarding the best wholesalers and their best practices will help plan advisors to be able to better run their businesses while providing better tools, services and investments to clients – thereby improving participant outcomes. But recognizing the leaders is also important.”

NAPA Net the Magazine hopes to make this list of Wingmen an annual event.

NAPA Net the Magazine launched in October 2013 to serve the fastest growing association in the history of the retirement industry by fulfilling NAPA’s obligation to influence decision makers in Washington and equip its membership with the essential information and insights needed to protect the future of America’s retirement system.